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National Partnership for Women and Families, Choosing a Place of Birth

Citizens for Midwifery – national consumer-based group promoting the midwifery model of care

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Spinning Babies (fetal positioning)

Nourish Family Wellness (chiropractic, acupuncture, craniosacral)

Sprout Chiropractic, Brianna Bing (perinatal bodywork, chiropractic, craniosacral)

Adrienne Calwell (bodywork)

Ihotu Ali (perinatal massage, mayan abdominal massage)

Enlightened Mama (craniosacral)

Lady’s Slipper Wellness, Julie Colby (acupuncture, bodywork)

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Elevate Pilates (and pelvic floor) with Dannell Shu

Yoga Mama with Melissa Gutierrez Nelson


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Enlightened Mama (board certified lactation consultant, craniosacral)

Tipper Gallagher at The Boob Geek (board certified lactation consultant)

Aszani Stoddard (board certified lactation consultant)

Families Thrive Midwives

I loved the ease and convenience of using Thrive’s telehealth option. My daughter and I had developed a nasty case of thrush and with three kids and a busy schedule, I had no time to travel to an appointment to get it taken care of. Not to mention, it was a Saturday! In about 10 minutes, Kari had asked me the necessary questions, diagnosed the problem and had a prescription sent to my local pharmacy. It could not possibly have been easier. Thrive definitely has a patient for life!


As a doula practicing for 20 years, I can attest that the physical, emotional, informational and midwifery care that Kari provides is truly phenomenal. She cares so deeply about the families that she serves, which is evident in the countless births I have attended with her. From the moment you meet Kari, her knowledge about and trust in normal birth is infectious. On top of all of that she has an amazing sense of humor! As a doula, it is a joy to watch her hold space for all of the fortunate families that have entrusted her with their care.

−Jessie, doula

When I think about who I trust to deliver my baby, my mind automatically says, Kari. In 2015 I delivered my first son in a local hospital, and the tender care and attention I received from Kari during labor, delivery and post postpartum, I knew I wouldn’t be able to find in anyone else. The amount of respect you have between the boundaries of culture and medicine manifests itself in your practice, as I witnessed it during my first delivery. You place your patients wants and needs before yours. You are there any time of the day or night via phone, email or text message. During the hard times of struggle and when my life caused me stress, I turned to you to help me get back on track to improve or maintain my health. When I was going through my miscarriage, I trusted in your expertise and wisdom. Even though I was far away from home when it occurred, you made me feel comforted as I knew you were just one call away. When I think of you Kari, it brings tears to my eyes to have known such a wonderful person and knowing my family trust you whole heartily. What I can say about you is endless. Thank you for all you do.


I have known and practiced with Kari for a long time, and trust her implicitly to provide top-notch care for her patients. She stays current in evolving research regarding women’s health and demonstrates a growing knowledge base regarding use of supplements and herbal therapies. Kari is also really innovative in providing care in low resource settings, such as international health.

−Robyn, MD

Kari’s care is exceptional! Not only does she provide stellar whole woman care, she listens and truly forms a bond with each of her clients. Never feel like a number or meet an impersonal provider again. Kari takes the time to get to know you and your family’s health needs and provides you with the tools and knowledge to make well-informed and practical health choices. Thank you, Kari, for being my advocate!


Kari provides a one-of-a-kind blend of compassion, attention to detail and well researched medical knowledge. She believes strongly that pregnancy and birth is a natural process for most women, recommending both natural remedies and evidence-based Western medicine when it was indicated.


I am so impressed by how Kari keeps up with current research. You can rest assured that the care you get at Thrive will be rooted in the latest evidence and tailored to your needs. Kari is a strong communicator and will be your advocate. I will gladly refer families seeking home birth, gynecological care, and intrauterine insemination to Thrive Midwives.

−Emily, nurse-midwife

Kari is extremely knowledgeable, her clinical judgment and decision making are spot on, she is easy to talk to, and has a comforting and peaceful presence.


Kari offers the perfect balance of medical knowledge and personal care, while also trusting a woman’s body and addressing overall wellbeing. She believes that women’s bodies know what they’re doing. She helps you believe that, too.